Commercial Signage

Infrastructure-as-a-Service: hardware rent-out, monitoring, management, and troubleshooting. Managed Service: digital content scheduling, distribution and update status monitoring. Exchange Hub: offer digital advertising slots on many locations all over Indonesia.

Digital Commerce Platform

A powerfull B2B marketplace which is integrated to various digital and physical product channels and fully-supported by strong logistic partner, SiCepat. This platform is the right choice for those who want to partner with us in offering a digital tool to their SMEs partners instantly.

New Format Innovation

Unconventional vending machines, smartfridges, and self-ordering kiosks which are equipped with AI for customer profiling and easy-to-use admin dashboard system.

Influencers Hub

Develop and maintain a mobile influencer marketplace that offers more than 300.000 influencers curated by profesional influencer company, RANS Entertainment. Advertisers who are looking for influencer(s) for their products will easily find and connect with the right influencers.

Intelectual Property

Collaborate with BumiLangit, the owner of largest intelectual property in Asia, offers intelectual property licensing for digital content and product activation. There are more than 1.400 collection of Indonesian superhero characters can be picked by Clients, which target multi-range of age and gender.

Mobile Games

Offer personalized mobile games development for Clients to maintain customers and engage new ones, as well as become a mobile games publishing company.